March 8 – Melting Pot


Last night, everyone was feeling healthy enough to celebrate Cole’s birthday. Of course, the only place he wanted to go was the Melting Pot for fondue. Luckily for us, Fort Collins has a special event every March called Great Plates. It’s a two week extravaganza of $18.68 meals at many downtown restaurants.

For this measly price, we ate:

  • Cheddar Cheese Fondue with unlimited apples, bread & veggies for dipping
  • Chopped Caesar Salad
  • Regular oil fondue, (couldn’t convince the kids to upgrade to Coq au Vin) with shrimp, teriyaki sirloin, chili marinated chicken, honey dijon hicken, Portobello Mumshrooms and pot stickers. This also came with potatoes, mushroom caps and broccoli.

This came with a sesame and tempura batters, which were a big hit. We ate everything, with an extra bowl of the veggies. Cody’s favorite was the tempura broccoli. Cole & I liked stuffing the mushroom caps then dipping them in tempura batter.

You can’t get out of this place without dessert, so we added a $16 Chocolate Fondue for Two, although it would have fed 6.

The food was good, dinner was cheap (for fondue), we found a new idea (tempura batter!) for the next time we fondue at home, so overall the night was a big success.

Well, except for the picture.

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