january 5 – Pizza

rosemary pizza

Every year for Teacher Appreciation Week in May, one  preschool teacher and her husband would make pizzas for the teachers for lunch. The most amazing one was drizzled with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. Simple, tasty.  And I, a girl raised on Minnesota hotdish and Kraft spaghetti in a box, can make it myself.

Collaboration is one key to effective teaching, so I’ll share my new found bread and dough secret. It is a book entitled, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Not just any cookbook, this one was written by a scientist and a chef. Using a little chemistry,  the bread dough requires no kneading and hangs out in my fridge for a week or so becoming more and more soughdough-y.  We miss Trader Joe’s now that we live in Colorado, but not as much now that we can make our own pizza dough.


I have a Nikon D40 camera and recently received a new lens that I’m still getting the hang of.  That’s probably why a 10 inch pizza is only partially in focus. The orange glow of the oven coils gives the pizza a warm cast – no flash was used.

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