January 4 – December "diorama"

holiday display

This is the Fort Collins display to celebrate all December holidays.

Fort Collins’ Holiday Display Task Force  spent half of last year deciding how to create a multicultural,  inclusive holiday winter traditions display after they were ridiculed by the national media for their “War on Christmas” the past few years. All religious displays were banned from FC public buildings with this one exception.

As you can imagine this was one sight to behold.

And we were the only people in town tonight beholding it.


I find this display funny and sad.

First off,  I have spent little time in a church; only attending for funerals and weddings, so I’m not particularly offended by the image. To me, the assemblage seems small and pathetic as the only display in front of the historical museum in town.

I am reminded of a (dreaded) elementary school diorama: A menorah, Frosty, a Christmas tree, Santa and a nativity scene, in a semi-circle facing passing cars, as though stuck in Elmer’s glue and white cotton balls.

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