May 17 – Rainbow

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 7:34 pm.

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May 2 – Frisbee golf

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March 18 – Chili Bowl

Cole & I are skiing at Winter Park today and tomorrow, unless the stormageddon predicted for tomorrow keeps us locked up inside. This was taken with Wade’s Cannon Powershot, a much more portable camera. We love the Lunch Spot at the top of Mary Jane because they have great beach chairs set out in the sun. Temp today 50 degrees.

I dropped my cel phone when I crashed on a run today. Fortunately someone turned it in to ski patrol. Unfortunately, I can’t get it back until tomorrow. (see “stormageddon” above. 18 inches predicted for overnight)

Earlier photos from this week will be posted when we get back.

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 5:46 pm.

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January 31 – Air Force Track Meet

Eight jumps and nearly ten hours later, the Martin Luther King Invitational Track Meet finally ended.

Cole placed 17th in the long jump and 9th in the Triple Jump. Not too shabby for a 14 yr-old competing against 18yr-olds.

Posted 8 years, 11 months ago at 11:31 pm.

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January 24 – Indoor track

Cole is on an indoor track club. Today’s meet was held at the Balch Fieldhouse at CU-Boulder, which is attached to their football stadium.

They were running a 60 meter race while I was watching the long jump. We had to put up barriers on either side of the runway as people will not look and walk into a  jumper on their approach. Some of these athletes are 17 years old. It can be ugly. Volunteers also put up a barrier to stop the shot put from rolling into the jumping pit.

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January 22 – Airsoft pellets

Posted 8 years, 12 months ago at 6:44 pm.

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January 3 – Snow-ball

Cody really likes his new basketball hoop.

Posted 9 years ago at 7:33 pm.

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January 2 – Skiing

Taken with the Googlephone, so quality is not great. Also, my face really was  that red. (Ouch!)

The day started out beautifully at Eldora Mountain. By 1pm, we had been through a complete whiteout and the sun was out again. Then the wind kicked up. I’m wearing a bomber hat of real rabbit fur that I gave Wade several years ago. After the dog chewed off the left flap (and part of the brim), he wouldn’t wear it anymore. It is the warmest hat we own, and that counts for plenty with me. The brim is coated with snow & ice, as was the scarf I had around my face. You can see the wind kicking up snow on the bunny hill behind me. After we left, I almost drove into a lake… more whiteout conditions on the road. (Flashbacks of sandstorms on the I-10!)

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December 12 – Skiing

2009-12-12 09.10.30

First skiing of the season at Eldora Ski resort.

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 9:58 pm.

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November 27 – Rams Town


Before the final Rams game of the season.

Posted 9 years, 1 month ago at 10:58 pm.

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