January 4 – On the slopes

Brilliant, clear day with the snow making machines adding to the atmosphere.

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February 9 – DNA


Past year’s DNA projects in the science classroom.

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February 1 – transformers?


Monsters v. aliens?

Nope, just the substation down the road. Love the 1950’s tech look!

Danger Will Robinson!


The “A” in the background dates to when CSU was known as an Ag. school.  It’s a 20 minute uphill hike from our house.

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January 30 – Science Fair Redux


Random shot of a family at the Science Fair today. My husband judged the top 8 seventh graders and I judged the top 8 eighth graders.

Top 8th grade projects (and I’m writing this from memory after observing 8 presentations! )

1st place:

Bluberrific Antioxidants – The correlation between vitamin c and antioxidants. The student was inspired because by his mother who makes a lot of smoothies. He found that you lose the benefits of blueberries by combining them with citrus fruit.

2nd place:

How humidity affects the growth of Chlorella lipid output. The student had access to a lab, centrifuge and cake press (?). He found that 80 % humidity causes algae to put out the maximum amount of lipids that can then be used as biofuel. At least I think that’s what he said.

3rd place:

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, this student attempted to determine if the stuff you use to keep your fish Ick disease-free (malachite green + sodium chloride) was a better indicator of blood than hydrogen peroxide.

Very impressive and appeared to be mostly student-done. (You teachers know what I mean!)


I really enjoyed using autostitch, so here’s a bonus shot of the Science Fair – panorama style.

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January 17 – Science Fair part 2


This is my 7th grade son’s completed Science Fair project. There is a picture of my 8th grader working on his on January 2nd.

His hypothesis:

The higher a soda’s carbonation, the higher the pH level.

Every year after fighting with my kids for weeks to get these done,  I look at the final project and say: “Well, the teachers will know that this a completely student-done project”.

I think I’ll have him add a question mark to the title, though.

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January 2 – Science Fair

Science Fair

Cole is working on his science fair board.

His title: Guess the Distance

His hypothesis:

I think that mid thirty-year olds will have the most accurate estimation because they have more experience estimating and their eyesight is still pretty good. I do not think gender will make a difference in estimation skills.

This is a teacher- approved project in the eighth grade.

Posted 10 years ago at 2:02 am.

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