January 14 – Morning hair

Penny- This one’s for you.

You mentioned you were thinking of letting your son keep his long hair because the photos of Cole make long hair look so cute. I thought I’d show you what he looks like in the morning, just out of the shower. If he would let me take a picture of him while he’s holding it out of his soup, believe me, I’d post it.

I think the ipod headset is permanently attached. Darn those kids and their newfangled devices.

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  1. Penny Villacres Jan 15th 2010

    LOL, Yes, I do get tired of the tangles and screaming when I’m combing my son’s hair and he sheds a lot. At the age of six you can imagine the amount of food that gets stuck in his hair. But still oh so cute. I bet Cole has many female admirers even if they don’t let on:)

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