January 30 – Science Fair Redux


Random shot of a family at the Science Fair today. My husband judged the top 8 seventh graders and I judged the top 8 eighth graders.

Top 8th grade projects (and I’m writing this from memory after observing 8 presentations! )

1st place:

Bluberrific Antioxidants – The correlation between vitamin c and antioxidants. The student was inspired because by his mother who makes a lot of smoothies. He found that you lose the benefits of blueberries by combining them with citrus fruit.

2nd place:

How humidity affects the growth of Chlorella lipid output. The student had access to a lab, centrifuge and cake press (?). He found that 80 % humidity causes algae to put out the maximum amount of lipids that can then be used as biofuel. At least I think that’s what he said.

3rd place:

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, this student attempted to determine if the stuff you use to keep your fish Ick disease-free (malachite green + sodium chloride) was a better indicator of blood than hydrogen peroxide.

Very impressive and appeared to be mostly student-done. (You teachers know what I mean!)


I really enjoyed using autostitch, so here’s a bonus shot of the Science Fair – panorama style.

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