january 24 – tech center


As you walk into our main floor living room, the first thing you probably notice is our tech command center. This is the hub for the wireless in the house. We have t-mobile’s at home service and have been using their wireless router. When I couldn’t connect to the internet from 30 feet away, we switched back to the Apple Airport for our main wireless.

My husband wanted to run a wire from the cable modem up the wall and down the second floor hallway to my office, but I voted for the Airport instead. Sometimes my house is more like a dorm room than I’d like.

The wii is at the top left. I had to move it to the “adult” tv or I’d never get to use the wii fit.

We use:

  • 2 desktops (HP) + 1 in the box (Still debating)
  • 1 slate (Not sure of the make on this one)
  • 3 tablets (All Fujitsu)
  • 2 laptops (Dell & a macbook)
  • 1 xbox
  • 1 wii
  • 1 ps2
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