January 23 – wiifit


Well, they all won’t be masterpieces.

I am not in the habit of posting unflattering photos of myself, however I will make this one exception.  (I look like my grandma – not that there’s anything wrong with that, gram!)

We now own both a functioning Wii AND a WiiFit. That’s me and Mii practicing the hula hoops. Wowza, those hips are a blur of hoopin’ action!

In one day I worked up to pro in the ski jump and all yoga moves. We won’t discuss the strength training.

Do you think this will help me master MonkeyBall?


With my new Nikkor lens, I need a Nikon Speedlight flash. I’m noticing a quarter moon shadow on the bottom of photos from the length of the lens. Anyone have a preference between the SB 600 and the SB 800?

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