january 8 – Clouds and fire


I had a picture this morning that I liked that showed the hill behind our house lit by the just-appearing sun.

Then tonight, the clouds to the south appeared; dark on the bottom and brilliant red above. It’s possible they were affected by the Boulder fire. I really zoomed in but I’m wondering if the crop does it any justice. Should I have cropped more?


This morning I woke to this Tweet from a math teacher in Canada: Would you save your laptop or your heirlooms?

I must admit, with the wind gusting to 60mph last night I was a little worried. Then the husband mentioned that a storage shed lid and door had blown away. When I asked what the sheds contained, he replied; “lighter fluid, gas for the mower, that kind of stuff”.

Then I couldn’t sleep. If those flammables blew away and ignited a fire, would I grab the portable hard drive with our pictures first? or the old-fashioned paper photos and albums in the basement?

Then I figured, I’d probably get the kids first.

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