January 3 – Sumi-E


#2 son spent 5 weeks in art class mastering Sumi-E painting.

Students began by creating specific brushstrokes and the project ended with a field trip to the local pond for inspiration. I was so surprised to see his portfolio at conferences! Although he literally ripped his art notes in half today (new semster starts Monday), he created several Sumi-E paintings in one day that were framed and given out to family for the holiday.  I consider that a successful semester in art for a 7th grade sports-loving boy.

Science Fair part 2

#1 son spent 90 minutes today on the downtown mall attempting to get passers-by to estimate a distance. Close to 50% agreed to stand on a mark and guess how far a sculpture was down the mall.

We were struck by:

  1. how many people wouldn’t even look at him as he was asking for their help.
  2. how poor most estimates were. The range was from 20 feet to 350 feet. The sculpture was 180 feet away.
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